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i ordered first time with lots of doubt but they kept their real fresh from shore to our door, keep it up

Ordered some green mussels, they were fresh and amazing. Will order again for the weekend.

First time ordered today. As promised the quality was so good. I ordered Seer fish. First good experience in online shopping. Expecting the same service always.

Fresh as usual last time too.. Thanks.

Ordered 1 kg Barracuda and half kg anchovies on 13July2019. Received the items by little bit delay 10:30 am. Packing was perfect. I opted for 1 kg barracuda but i got it 1.400 kg due to availability of sizes. It was fresh and delicious, but when compared outsides little bit its costly. other than this, everything is good. I will order next time.

I have ordered fish for the first time. I really happy to say that the eseafoods has done a good service with the quality product. The fish supplied was absolutely fresh and perfectly cut to size which I have expected. Little late delivery on this order. But I assure you that I definitely will recommend my family and my peer groups. Excellent service, keep it up.

I Purchased Fish and crab. Both the products were extremely fresh with reasonable price as usual. But this time two issues to be solved. 1. Delivery time not maintained. for 10 am slot we are geting delivered at 12 pm. 2.Instruction that we give in the comment section not followed. If the two thing taken care of then Super

Fresh fish and good service. Can count on evertime.

Ordered 1 kg Barracuda and half kg Mackerel yesterday night . Received the items by 10am today. Delivered on time. Packing was perfect. But I opted for cleaned mackerel with head. But I received without head. Other than that, no issues.

I ordered for half kg sliced seer fish, and 1 kg deshelled small prawns. The quality of the fish was wonderful. The quantity as expected and cost appropriate. Fully satisfied. Looking forward for more happy experience in the future.

Fish are fresh and the service is very good.

Good concept shore to door in real sense . The fish and the prawns were fresh and neatly cut and cleaned . I would Request to wash the cut fish and cleaned prawns once before packing that may help us more to keep in fridge or to cook. Otherwise the products were fine for the price I paid and I am fully satisfied will continue patronage for sure . Can we place orders on Saturday to get Sunday delivery . All fine keep it up.

The fish are fresh and the delivery was On-time. The cut fish was large(Like Hotel Size). Expected Medium cut.

Fishes provided were fresh and their service is excellent.

I did not get it on time.the fishes are fresh and cleanly cut

Today I ordered lady fish thru mobile in eseafoods. The quantity ordered was 750 GMs. I enquired the customer service person whether the would give 750 GMs.He agreed. But order was delivered 1 kg instead of 750 GMs. If they said 750 GMs cannot be delivered I would have ordered 500 GMs.This sort of action I never expected with eseafoods. Very sad about their service. Instead of 375 I had to pay 495. 120 rs extra. The amount is not a matter. But the words do so keeps on changing.OK. Thanks for eseafoods. As usual the fishes are fresh and cutting and cleaning nice. Bye forever

Pearl Spot / Karimeen was extraordinary. They were so fresh, we just loved it. I really appreciate the service.

The fish supplied was absolutely fresh and perfectly cut to size.We enjoyed every bite of it. Fresh and tasty! Keep up the quality!! Besides your immediate response and nominal pricing, packing was very neat. Your delivery man was very courteous. We ,definitely, recommend your name to others too.

Fantastic service & commitment on delivery. Ordered pearl spot and was very fresh. Reasonably priced. Thank you and keep this up.

Very good service. Prompt delivery & quality of the product was also brilliant except the size (probably due to availability) of the fish. Go for it. You will not regret. Keep up the promise team. Best... Suresh

Excellent service, ontime delivery and really fresh. Taste was really great !! keep rocking guys !!

1. Good site 2. Very reasonable pocket friendly prices. Don’t become greedy and increase the prices. You will lose good customers. 3. You are doing great service for Chennai. 4. Keep up the good work. Wishing you Best of luck. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless. Auditor

I really happy to say that eseafoods do the best service on time and the quality is very good which was not expected . Definitely will recommend my family and friends . "Quality means doing it right when no one is expected " Thanks to eseafoods....😊👍



Good quality and service

Was looking for online shopping for seafood yesterday. It sounded good and prices, reasonable. Ordered Pomfret and Prawns. The fish, as promised, was fresh. Tasted excellent. Yet to try the Prawns, which I am sure will be just as good. I am glad I found you guys.

The prawns were cleaned perfectly. We will order frequently.

Hi... We ordered yesterday and as per their commitment they served 11 am today. Very nice salmon, vanjeeram and tuna. All are very fresh and very clean. Thanks Karthik. We will ordered very often soon. Keep it up ur service same as ever. Regards.. Priya. N

Wonderful experience ordering seafood from here...always fresh fish and excellent delivery service.

Delightfully tasty Indian mackerel and salmon this time. Happy for sure. Thank you.

Ordered for the first time through eseafoods and I am pleased with service and quality, easy and user friendly interface. thanks team.

very good service. nice guidance by Mr. Karthik. product also fresh and good in quality. but i introduce your service to my friend which is free door delivery. but i am paying Rs. 35

Though a belated (several weeks?) acknowledgement from my part, let me thank you for intimating the availability of excellent koduva.. and supplying the same! Simply delicious.

I have been searching to get good quality Clams for many years in Chennai.. Thank God, at last I found it here on eseafood. I ordered it and received high quality Clams, super fresh and I would give 5star rating for this. Good service and best quality.. Thanks Sunil

Red Snapper supplied today was suitable more for curry than fry it seems. Quality was good as usual.

Ontime delivery, Good Quality fish has been delivered. Thanks Lot team

Great selection - many fish which other suppliers do not stock are available. The quality of fish, cleaning and cutting are all very good. Their packaging is simple, but good avoiding excessive plastic.

I ordered fresh water pomfret and prawns. Both are fresh. I'm fully satisfied. Keep maintain the quality.

I am from Nigeria and we love our catfish so much so I was excited and skeptical when I saw it in this website. I was very happy to get fish easily and conveniently without the language barrier too. Thankfully, the fish came as fresh and on time. My only disappointment is that it came chopped into tiny pieces instead of large steaks. Please review for my next order. Thank you

The fish was very fresh and well packed. Quality is fantastic!. Delivered on time . Keep it up!

Ordered green mussels and clams. Delivery was perfect and well packed. Fresh and loved it. You guys rocks n I'm hooked up. will meet frequently.

This service is really a big relief for a non-Tamilian fish eater like me. No need to go out to fish vendors and communicate in a language not known to me. Order whatever you want by using just your finger tips. The delivered fish is fresh, tasty and cleaned properly. What made me happy was their on time delivery service. Thanks and continue the good work.

Fish r really fresh n their customer service is awesome. Way to go guys!

Ordered Fish for the First Time with definitely a hesitance. However, I am indeed surprised to receive Ordered Fish ON TIME and predominately with the HIGH QUALITY.

I order the fish first time online with so much doubts in my mind. How About the quality, quantity and price. But I'm very much surprised and happy that eseafoods rocks like this. They delivered on time, prices are reasonable, quality is very good (honestly fresh fishes), and also quantity is correct. They delivered on time with good packing of fishes. I really very happy to buy fishes from eseafoods. Good job👏👏. Keep going with this standard.

Fresh and timely delivery. I will be a regular customer.

I am ordered fish at the first time , service and quality is very good . Fish is very fresh and excellent.

Excellent fish and fresh fish,

Fresh fresh fresh! no 'fishy' smell at all. cleaned and delivered professionally. Way to go! With this kind of service and business ethics, you can sustain in the market for longer time!

Good service with quality products.

Very good service the fishes were extremely fresh and the taste was really good. One major difference was that there was no smell from the kitchen after cooking the fish which says a lot about the freshness of the fish. Excellent service and hope that you guys carry on the good work. One suggestion would be please make the online payment option very apparent on the site and also have the option of delivery charges if someone wants to order fish of less quantity.

Ordered for the first time..Got the crabs on time..All crabs were fesh and live..Totally satisfied with your service..Good job guys..May God bless u all..Excellent

You have done it again! Shark fillets were delicious. Very few know that they get cheated on daily basis at regular markets in Chennai- they get mostly the stale ones.You are really a refreshing change. Thanks again.

It was by chance that I came across Eseafoods' website; I'm glad I did. Right from the neat packaging to their prompt delivery, they're doing a fantastic job. Of course, the proof is in the pudding and it would be amiss if I didn't talk about the seafood itself! It is exactly as they claim - super fresh and cooks to deliciousness. I'm very happy with the product as well as the management and delivery. Thank you, keep up the good work!

Eseafood delivered fresh and quality fish. thank you!

Excellent service. Neat packaging, Fresh, clean and quality seafood, timely delivery. I will do regular orders from now on. Thanks to Ennore seafoods.

I am a regular customer of eseafoods , the Quality is good , always fresh as promised , the service is prompt and courteous , comfortable Seafood buying....thnx !

Really happy with the stuff u send, fresh and clean. please keep up with this service alway

Hi, Happy to place order again! By the way, I would like to remind you your promise of adjusting the shortage of 100 grams(sankara) occurred in your last delivery withe the present bill. Thank you.

Prawns were of Good Quality and was Fresh! Service was also good on time

Good service and the fish is fresh!! Keep it up...will recommend to others

Nice fish

Fish delivered was fresh and good.Worth buying.Good service

Really fresh ....excellent service.....keep going

Thanks. Good service, fresh fish, timely delivery, neat packaging. Very much satisfied. Keep up the good work.

Good quality Seer fish was delivered to my order today. Excellent delivery coverage as well from south to north surprising. Very good service certainly will recommend to other's.

Hi Fresh fish, excellent packing.. Every thing is awesome keep it up...

Very happy with the quality of the seafood and the delivery and service. I am eating more Seafood now due to ease of ordering from you. Thanks!

Thanks for delivering fresh and neatly packed .. Quality is awesome .

Fresh fishes, But the only problem is the QUANTITY of the fish. Very mediocre in terms of the weight. Couldn't accept the weight even though claimed to be after cut and clean. Except that rest is fine.

To about the fishes you supplied FANTABULOUS

NExt PLanning To hack This Site...........................

The Best Tuna in Chennai !!

I have ordered sankara and vanjiram fishes. both are fresh, quality and quantity also very good.

i got fresh fish for same market price, with cleaned and free home delivery, my family is very happy with ennore's seafood, thank you for your excellent service.

fish was good

Ordered Tilapia fillets. Good quality fish, fresh and prompt delivery. This is my first order with Eseafood. Need to check out other varieties. Very good service.

Good Service on Time, All Fresh & Good.

Ordered yesterday around 12 o'clock and today it was delivered as per the delivery timeline. Also quality of fish was good along with the pieces made . Very impressive. Am sure I am going to be a regular customer henceforth. But was disappointed with one thing. There were 2 heads of Katla.. one was properly dressed and clean but the other one was not. Please take a look that all the pieces are properly clean. Otherwise the service was quite satisfactory.

really fresh.superb product

Hi..... First of all I would like to thank you guys for the exact delivery time as you mentioned. Fishes I ordered were really fresh....and most appreciating fact was it was well cleaned.... Keep this pace.... Would recommend to my friends as well..... Regards... Jerrin.....☺️

Hi...Appreciate your good work. Have been buying from you now regularly every week. The fish was fresh , cleaned , and packed well. What i liked best was the fact that you informed the next day when the catch of a particular fish did not come instead of trying to send across a frozen variety. Appreciate your honesty. Secondly your delivery boy refused a tip saying it was not needed and I liked that attitude also.

great service,got the fish delivered on time and fish was fresh and a lot of hard to find fishes are available here and that's great!

This is my first purchase with you guys and guess what, your over all co-ordination is simply superb. Not only fish..the way you organize things like website, the customer care, quality, freshness, packing, timely delivery... Hats Off ! Special thanks!

1. Please add " Old Pallavaram - 600117 " to the location list. 2. Requesting you to add " 500 gms to pearl spot / Karimeen "

FIsh and prawns are very fresh. Really taken back by the way prawn was devined.

We ordered rohu and katla last week. Delivery was well on time. I was pleased with the freshness of the fish. The environment friendly packing in newspapers was also very appealing. Keep it up. All the best.☺

Fish and prawns are really fresh and neatlyrics packed . Delivery time was perfect,would suggest people to order in eseafoods ......

Awesome!!! Service... Fresh Fish's at doorstep Prompt Delivery with good packaging. Great Thing!!! Keep the good work guys.....

The service was good.fish is fresh.thanks,...

A great way in providing fresh fishes online. I was sceptic at first but after my first order Eseafood has changed my mind. The guys did a great job in providing door deliveries at normal rates. Fishes look fresh except one in the pack that I bought. The deliveries are on time. The website also does a good job in providing additional facts about the fishes. Overall the experience was very good.


Ordered for the first time...mud crabs....live crabs neatly packed ....timely delivered. ...It is good to see people delivering without calling for the address direction .....

Team, received the order well before time and good ones too. Thanks !

Timely delivery. Neat packing. Fish quality was very fresh. Bought vanjram and shark. Had nice lunch :-)

Thanks for reducing the cleaning price from 25 to 15. When I order 3to4 types of fish as well as one type above 1 kilo the cleaning amount was going up to 1kg nethili or sardines. Good job. Appreciate your quality and service.

Thanks for the timely delivery and nice packaging. Crab was fresh and tasted good too!

Fish and prawns ordered were delivered fresh. Packaging was also neat. Good work. One area of improvement though - the cleaning cost of 1kg each is applied for 0.5 kg for each item. Pl either reduce this for 0.5 kg or apply this cost for total weight.

Fresh and good fish, packed well and delivered on time. Thank you... for your good service and quality product.


I specifically ordered MEDIUM sized pomfret yesterday online. The quality, packaging and prompt delivery is appreciated.

Fish was very fresh and clean. Ready to cook. I can suggest anyone to buy fish foods from ennore seafood

Hello i need a kattla fish. there is no for the options when will I ordered that.....

Fishes are really good and fresh.

Ordered prawns from you today and was very impressed with how easy it was to get what I wanted! The freshest catch all cleaned beautifully and packed in such an eco friendly way!

Thanks to Adding Purasaiwalkam and Vepery.

Why No service at Purasaiwalkam,Vepery and Perambur...?

Why there is no service at Purasaiwalkam and Vepery.

I can taste ur food at my relatives home... I can't believe it is really good and tasty I can order with you... Good keep it up.....

Excellent quality and excellent quantity... Timely delivery....wonderful service...☺☺

Really fish was very tasty and super quality fresh I really hope in trust....


Well cleaned and cut, neatly packed, fresh fish, delivered on time! Great going, folks.

Thanks. The service was prompt and the Prawns were fresh and well cleaned. Felt that the prawns were a bit small for the price. Will order again. Regards, vinod

I want to know about Basa fish Pl adv rgds/DN

Delivery was spot on. Cost was economical.Cleaning was excellent. Packing was excellent. Fishes were very fresh.But one small request,would appreciate if you can cut those wings an tails for small fishes when cleaning.

Fishes seems to be fresh and taste.. is it processed or fresh

Hi, Found your Fish to be fresh and clean and cut well. Good packaging and prompt delivery. Include Chollaimedu in your delivery zone. I have to choose nearest location of kodambakkam as a result.

I am really happy with my purchase....even i tried other stores for fresh fish, this is the first WOW experience. I really appreciate the way u clean the fish, especially anchovies n the prawns.... If you can maintain the same quality in freshness n cleanliness, there will be many regular customers for you


Though I was a Vegetarian from birth, I made up my mind to have fishes in my diet. The fish facts section Inspired me a lot. This is definitely nutritious

Thanks for your good service also nice fish.

Thanks for delivering fresh fish.

Very fresh. The most important aspect for sea food.

Fish is very good, Nice service and packing too

Hi… We would like to take few minutes of our time to appreciate you. The Packing was excellent and fish was relatively fresh. Even the fish cleaning was good and made our work simple. The best part was timely delivery. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Fish you gave yesterday was very fresh and si it was very tasty. Thank you . Please try to reduce the price of minimum.

Both mud crab and Nethili were good… Keep it up.

Fish are really fresh and tastes good. Also Packing was good.

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